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Who Provides Online Slot Machines?

Across the hundreds of online casinos, you will find thousands of games. From blackjack, pai gow to video slot machines and even virtual sports, they are all there to satisfy every gambler’s needs. There are though, relatively few providers of slot machines games and gaming software, so the choice is perhaps a little less than […]

Reading a Slot Machine Payout Table

The payout table of a slot machine lists the various combinations that the machine will pay out when they are hit. These payout tables are displayed in some form, usually graphically, on the face of the machine, either at the side of the display screen or on another section of the machine. Online slot machines […]

Zorro Slot Machine Critical Overview

The lure of the blinking lights and clanging sounds of Casino Slot Machines are almost irresistible. Somehow, the sights and sound of a Slot Machine take your senses directly to the magic of Vegas. You remember the feeling as though you were just there. As you sit down at the machine, you feel it. mega888 […]

Antelope Canyon, A Slot Canyon Adventure

Entering the Deep My heart was pumping. The coolness inside this Arizona monument felt like a refrigerator compared to the hot sun overhead. My mind was entirely engaged by the beautiful shapes, colors and smooth texture of the canyon. I felt like a child exploring a whole new world. “Everyone step back and get the […]

Video Slot Machines for Women

Which are the most obvious video slot machines targeted at a female audience? Without wishing to sound too sexist, it often seems as if slot machine games are aimed at men, with slots like Hitman, or Super Hero themed slots that are the preserve of comic book nerds. 918kiss So here are some slots that […]

The History of the Slot Machine

The slot machine, a popular game in casinos, was nicknamed the one armed bandit because it originally started out with a lever that the player pulled to spin the 3 reels within the casing. These reels each had 10 symbols that showed through a display window one symbol of each reel at a time. If […]

Playing Online Slots the Smart Way

We all dream of playing slots and hitting it big. We all know that it is possible to wager a small amount and become an instant millionaire. However the reality of playing slots, be it at a land based or internet casino is that you play until you have no money left to play with […]

Oni Skill Stop Slot Machine Review

Last year the girls and I went out for our weekly event which usually switches each week. For the first time we decided to go to a casino nearby and gamble a little money away. None of us were really big into it at first, but a couple weeks before that we got a little […]