How to Date Women Who Are Older Than You

Dating women is relatively self-explanatory but how to date women who are older than you can definitely become a challenge. Self-aware women tend to be sexy for rather a long time and they know that. Add their experience to that and you got some of the best dates you could ever hope for. However the only thing you have going for you is your youth. Because let’s face it she knows you’re probably less experienced than her if you’re younger so how are you suppose to treat her? Fear not, below are simple tips to keep you from making a total fool of yourself and her.

She’s Not Your Mother xxx

And she probably doesn’t want to be. Although older women tend to be more independent, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a man to rely on every here and then. No matter how much older she is, she is still looking for a man in her life that will treat her properly. She expects you, just as any other date, to ask her out for dinner or take her out for a drink. So treating her like a lady definitely shows how mature you are towards age gaps.

She Wants To Have Fun Too

If she’s still into dating at her age, it means she’s still looking to have fun. Although many may believe older women may be looking for a men in order to settle down (because of their biological clock), it’s not entirely true. More and more women are not looking to settle down and simply want to have a great night out. That’s primarily why they opt to date younger men, because older men may not be as energetic anymore. You don’t really need to know how to date women in these situation. You just have to know how to show her to have a great time.

If She Insists, Let Her Pay

Honestly, in this time of age, women can pay for a tab just as well as a man. In most cases, she’ll probably be making more than you, having the unfair advantage of being in the work force longer. Although the social stigma would be that men should always pay, older women are actually happy to pay for a good time. It makes her feel more confident and confidence is always a display of beauty. So if she insists, let her pay. However if you really want to know how to date women, don’t make a habit out of it. In the long run, she does expect you to pay and if you start leeching off her too much she’s just going to drop you.