Touched By An Angel (DVD) Review

Most people in the Los Angeles area looking for a hotel are simply looking for a place to sleep while they are away from home. The object is clear whether it is for business, a family vacation or a romantic getaway: find a relaxing, safe and enjoyable place to sleep and relax until you can return to the comfort of your own bed. But for thousands of families, there isn’t a home to return to-and the realities of staying in a hotel are due to the tragedy of homelessness that affects more and more Americans each year. Families that have been evicted from their homes due to financial hardship are increasing in numbers, and programs like Beyond Shelter are working hard to do what they can to help.

Beyond Shelter is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1988 when the need for a more comprehensive approach to helping the increasing numbers of homeless families in L.A. demanded a more sustainable solution through creating knowledge for social change with responsive housing delivers and a people centered approach to community development. Offering assistance to homeless families through providing six months to one full year of individualized case management support to enable these families rebuild their lives including childcare, jobs, assistance in improving social and economic well being. Beyond shelter works on the premise that housing is a basic human right and believes that homeless families are more responsive to interventions and social services support after they are in their own homes instead of living with the uncertainty that comes from living in a shelter or transitional housing.

Beyond Shelter’s “Housing First” Program has received an abundance of national and international recognition including the “25 Best US practices” and “100 Best International Practices” award granted by The United Nations in response to the staggering numbers that indicate that homelessness is one of our nation’s most serious problems. While many would opt to point fingers and assess blame, the statistical truth is that the primary cause of homelessness among families is the growing disparity between housing costs and income. Emergency Shelters are able to accommodate only a fraction of the homeless families in need, forcing families to live in cars, garages or intermittent stays with friends or family. Even a short period of homelessness can lead to child neglect, depression and mental illness due to the debilitating con ditions and feelings of helplessness that overwhelm and crush the human spirit. 757 angel number

The instability of homelessness is not a problem that is easily solved, but with generous donations and increased awareness, the ability to provide necessary transitional housing has become a reality making hotels in the L.A. area more than just vacation pads. While some of us don’t like to think about the how’s and why’s of homelessness, the reality is that millions of Americans are literally one paycheck away from being evicted from their homes. Helping to provide transitional housing in this epidemic crisis becomes a personal matter when we understand that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has indicated that the Los Angeles area is experiencing an all time high of worst-case scenario housing needs attributing the increase in the number of homeless families to a combination of the following factors:

* Welfare reform

* High rates of domestic violence

* Declining purchasing power of low-wage jobs

* Decrease in availability of affordable family housing

These families are not lazy or unwilling to make efforts, they are not careless or negligent; they are victims of a declining economy and terrible misfortune. Programs like Beyond Shelter work tirelessly to bring back hope and stabilize housing requirements for the future while keeping affected families safe in the transitional housing of participating sponsor hotels in the L.A. area.